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Behind the liquid: Noble Rebel’s 3 bold expressions

Behind the liquid

In pursuit of complex and playful flavour, we set out to create Noble Rebel and redefine what blended malt whisky could taste like. Only the very finest malts have been blended to create three wonderful whiskies. And each paints a different picture. A picture that will delight the senses with ingenuity, complexity, and depth.

Meet our Master Blender, Michael Henry

We owe our rich world of flavour toMichael Henry, our brilliantly talented Master Blender. 

With over 30 years of experience in the drinks industry – his legacy is impressive. He knows how to follow his nose and create something unlike anything else, redefining categories as he goes. Noble Rebel is his most recent work.

Michael set out to create a range of first releases that each has a distinct feel, from smoky to fruity and nutty.

Michael Henry

Distil, mature and blend: the artistry of whisky

Noble Rebel starts withthe distillation process, and luckily, we have brilliant shoulders to rest on in the form of Loch Lomond Distillery and Glen Scotia, who are the makers of some award-winning single malts.

Boasting a world-renowned history of expert distillation, we’re able to draw on centuries of distilling experience to craft exquisite single malts which begin the blend-making process.

No whisky could become great without the most important and influential ingredient: time. 

We insist on a maturation period long enough to allow for flavour and unique characteristics to form. Each of our whiskies is matured in handpicked oak casks to give us a liquid palette of options to choose from.

Then comes the real artistry, the blending process. Finally, it’s over to our master distiller to curate wonderful expressions of the malts, enhancing flavours that have developed over months and years. The endeavour of Noble Rebel is to mix the nobility of our specially selected single malts to curate three new blended malts – each with a unique story to tell.

Noble Rebel Range

The power of blending malts

Why blend malts? Put simply, there is a lot to be discovered when you expand your definition of what whisky can be. A blend allows a distiller to play with flavour, drawing out the best of everything at hand and creating something unique. 

Noble Rebel’s first editions are possible due to the power of blending. For example, the Orchard Outburst twist comes from using Glen Scotia which has a pronounced salted note. We blend not only to create something new but in the hope that the final outcome is greater than the sum of its parts. 

This is what makes blended malts so special. Scottish whisky doesn’t have to be traditional to be great.

Blended whiskies are as full and complex as single malts, each is made with 100% malted barley and distilled in a pot still, but blending allows us to play with notes from different distilleries to assemble something refreshingly different.

Familiar flavour with an unexpected twist

Let us take you through the notes of our first edition trio and what makes each so special. 

Orchard Outburst- fruity and citrus with a salty twist

First up we have our Orchard Outburst, a bright and zesty expression with hints of lemon and lime. This crisp but balanced blend will instantly take you far away, perhaps to the seaside thanks to the salted notes which evoke salty ocean waves.

Matured in ex-bourbon casks, this blend retains a naturally light colour while tasting notes of apple, citrus and vanilla produce an outburst on the palette as the name suggests.

Orchard Outburst

Smoke Symphony- smoky with a jammy twist

Warming, dark and interesting are fantastic descriptors for our second expression, Smoke Symphony. With threads of peat and smoke and hints of chilli, this rich blend is cut with a finish of tartness from the jammy fruits in the mix. 

You’ll experience smoke, spice and dark berry flavours from this full-bodied blend thanks to its maturation in used Rioja casks. Like its Noble counterparts, Smoke Symphony is non-chill filtered which adds to its rustic and rugged charm and natural colour.

Smoke Symphony

Hazelnut Harmony - sweet with a nutty finish

Our final blend is sweet with a nutty twist which brings a hint of honeycomb and warm baked nuts to mind. Subtle pear undertones enhance the light floral notes to perfectly balance this honey-coloured malt.

Finished in toasted American oak casks, this sweeter Scotch is a sweet and inviting all-rounder.

Hazelnut Harmony

Discover the artistry of Noble Rebel for yourself by heading to our shop or discovering oursuggested serves.