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Behind the brand: The art of whisky

Behind the brand

There are as many assumptions about whisky as there are Scotch malt whiskies to enjoy. Steeped in tradition and bound by rules of generations past, we thought it was about time for the industry to make way for the whisky drinkers of today - and tomorrow. 

Noble Rebel has been crafted from the ground up, seeking to modernise the malt whisky space. Where the nobility of the purist single malts and the rebellious nature of creative flavour meet, Noble Rebel is waiting to take the world of whisky by storm. 

A new era of Scottish whisky

Whisky production is deeply rooted in tradition, and numerous distilleries follow strict methods that have been handed down through generations. As a result, each variation of whisky boasts its own unique taste and personality, making it a cherished beverage among whisky aficionados. 

But who’s to say the artistry should stop there? When creating Noble Rebel, we boldly asked what might happen if we let our tastebuds explore in the expanse of flavour that Scotch whisky has to offer. 

We are proud to have crafted a unique offering we hope whisky lovers, new and old, will devour. Noble Rebel is for anyone who seeks to add a new level of appreciation for the artistry of distillation and blending to their lives. 

Noble Rebel Group

It started with our delicious liquid and striking bottle

While there’s plenty to take from the old whisky world, when making Noble Rebel, we were unbound from our expectations of what a blended maltshould look and taste like. The result? A modern take on the category which is displayed beautifully in our stylised and confident bottles, which packs a punch despite its unusual stature. And of course, there’s our bright labels, which provide a feast for the eyes before the first dram has been poured. 

Like a visual tasting note, we wanted every drinker to take something unique away from the experience of just looking at our bottle. No right or wrong answers. No coded language, just a simple work of art which allows drinkers to taste with their eyes first - like a visual tasting note.

And when the liquid is as complex and punchy as Noble Rebel, why hide behind a dull label? We want the tasting experience to begin when a whisky lovers’ eyes meet the bottle and finish long after their final sip.

We distil, blend and mature each of our whiskies into a remarkable symphony of skill and audacity under the expert eye of our maverick master blender, Michael Henry.

Noble Rebel

What is a blended malt whisky?

Blended malts offer something single malts can’t - like an extra layer of complexity but with a steady dependability that comes with a well-mastered recipe. 

The goal of blending malt whiskies is to create a final product with a consistent flavour profile that combines the unique characteristics of each individual malt whisky. 

Where whisky meets artistry

But what makes Noble Rebel different is our commitment to creating malts, not simply curating. It’s not just about understanding what malts will mingle well - it’s about using our knowledge of the industry to create something new. Something you don’t taste every day. 

Noble Rebel rests on the shoulders of the master distillers at Loch Lomond and Glen Scotia distilleries, with many years of experience behind this new creation. By taking from the old whilst ushering in the new, we’re innovating and modernising at every touchpoint from our label to our liquid. 

Rules are made to be rewritten

We believe true whisky creativity has no age, no roots, no limits. Redrawing the boundaries and redefining the norm is what we came here to do. With one foot firmly placed in the world of old whisky, grounding us as we go, we’re bringing an inquisitive flair to the category we hope will shake things up.

We believe that flavour excels when freed up from the rules. Modern whisky ought to be free from duty to the past and more full of flair. 

Noble Rebel

Respecting our roots, we’re boldly enquiring about the future of whisky

With the creation of Noble Rebel, we herald a new dawn of whisky mastery. We have many stories to tell which all must start with a bold new beginning. Take the plunge into our spirited world and discover a new movement of Scottish whisky that’s just waiting to be discovered.